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  • amyloplasts — n. starch producing granule in plants …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Amyloplast — Amyloplasts also convert this starch into sugar, for when the plant needs energy. In the day, in plants, there is more sugar than starch present. At night, there is more starch than sugar present.Large numbers of amyloplasts can be found in… …   Wikipedia

  • Gravitropism — [or geotropism ] is a turning or growth movement by a plant or fungus in response to gravity. Charles Darwin was one of the first Europeans to document that roots show positive gravitropism and stems show negative gravitropism . That is, roots… …   Wikipedia

  • Statolith — Statoliths are a specialized form of amyloplasts involved in gravity perception by plants.These specialized amyloplasts are denser than the cytoplasm and can sediment according to the gravity vector. They are found in a special subset of cells of …   Wikipedia

  • Amylopectin — (CAS# 9037 22 3) is a highly branched polymer of glucose found in plants. It is one of the two components of starch, the other being amylose. It is soluble in water.Glucose units are linked in a linear way with α(1→4) bonds. Branching takes place …   Wikipedia

  • Root nodule — Cross section though a soybean (Glycine max Essex ) root nodule. The bacterium, Bradyrhizobium japonicum, colonizes the roots and establishes a nitrogen fixing symbiosis. This high magnification image shows part of a cell with single bacteroids… …   Wikipedia

  • Hydrotropism — is a directional growth response in which the direction is determined by a stimuli/gradient in water concentration but a most common example is that of plant roots growing in humid air bending toward a higher relative humidity level. The process… …   Wikipedia

  • Waxy corn — (maize) was found in China in 1909. As this plant showed many peculiar traits, the American breeders long used it as a genetic marker to tag the existence of hidden genes in other maize breeding programs. In 1922 a researcher found that the… …   Wikipedia

  • Амилопласты — в клубне картофеля Амилопласты представляют собою непигментированные органеллы присутствующие в некоторых клетках растений. Амилопласты отвечают за синте …   Википедия

  • plastid — Type of plant cell organelle, surrounded by a double membrane and often containing elaborate internal membrane systems. Partially autonomous, containing some DNA, RNA and ribosomes, and reproducing itself by binary fission. Includes amyloplasts,… …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • starch — Storage carbohydrate of plants, consisting of amylose (a linear a (1 4) glucan) and amylopectin (an a (1 4) glucan with a (1 6) branch points). Present as starch grains in plastids, especially in amyloplasts and chloroplasts …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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